Tumbler Batmobile Car

"The Tumbler" Batmobile

“The Tumbler” was introduced in the 2005 movie Batman Begins and was a radical departure to the usual batmobile style, and in the movie was introduced as an experimental bridging vehicle developed by Wayne Enterprises, that could jump up to 30ft to lay the basis for temporary bridges. The car was originally seem in a desert army camouflage style and resprayed black for Batman’s use.

Rather than focusing on being the ultimate muscle car as previous generations of batmobiles had, the Tumbler focused more on body armour panels and appeared more like a small Tank, although it still retained a jet turbine engine.

The Tumbler car appeared in the 2008 Dark Night returns, and in that movie the car had the ability to separate off one side of the front wheels that became a motorcycle, this was known as the “Bat Pod”:

Bat Pod Motorbike

Bat Pod Motorbike